The school where everyone is encouraged to play Minecraft

Learning climate-smart solutions in school; students play the computer game Minecraft. The aim is to be able to understand how abstract subjects work in practice.


Minecraft uses square blocks based stuff, a bit like a digital version of Lego. For some time all students in the seventh grade in high school play the game.  It is part of an interdisciplinary project that spans the subjects of chemistry, physics, biology, social studies and English.

Should learn to build climate change smart

The project involves students working together to build a future city with pleasant climate smart solutions based on the knowledge they receive within their classes.

The purpose of this project is that students should be forced to make decisions relating to environmental issues in order to know what to build in the game. It creates a desire to learn, says teachers in science and mathematics.

In the game, students have built houses, among other things, containers for sorting and electricity through wind and hydro and solar cells.

I think it’s great fun for students to learn in a different way.  Because you get to try to really build things so you understand more easily how they work, says a student at the school.

Required in teaching

Minecraft is a game that currently has around 40 million registered users worldwide. Most played of course at leisure, but at Reading’s coeducational schools it has now become mandatory for an entire year. Students must regularly submit ratings founding essays and keep accounts where they show what they have done and why.

We must not let the PC gaming take too much time. The students really know what they’re doing and understand what the purpose is,  it is important to combine the game with the regular teaching.

So far pleased with the results

The project will continue in the spring term and as long as the school are happy with the results.  In any case, we have gained a new perspective on some things.

Now I’m almost tempted to waste sorting because I learned what the consequences are if we do not take care of the environment properly.

Links to brief about this:


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New iDeas

New iDeas iPad Act – Stockholm with Charlie Caper and Erik Rosales

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Questions displayed on the same page

Mini quiz page on capital citys – Create Your Own Quiz – MMLab SAMPLE: QuestionsOnePage

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MMLab User Interface


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What is an application in MMLab?

The application defines overall settings and appearance for all the pages in the in the project. An application can consist of one or more pages with various objects, for instance images, sounds, texts and animations. At any time you can run your MultiMedia Lab application to see how it works outside of the editingmode, a preview in other words.
You can do this by clicking on the Preview / Run button in the toolbar or from the menubar. Then the application will be displayed in a browser.

To make global adjustments in the application, mark the application in the treeview and choose Properties.

If you choose this alternative, the webpages will be saved with the fileextension .hta (HTML application), instead of .htm which is most common for webpages. This will make your application as a fullscreen presentation when shown in Internet Explorer. This function are made to be used if it is meant that the webpage shall be shown locally as a standalone web application.

If a hta-file is downloaded over the Internet the file will be handled in the same way as other files that is downloaded from the Internet. The browser asks if the file shall be executed or saved on disc.

PLEASE NOTE! Since hta-files are shown in fullscreen you close it by using the escape button or the commando Alt+F4 on your keyboard.

Infinite height
MultiMedia Lab makes webpages with a fixed width and height. If you want a changeable height on your pages you can choose Infinite height.

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Table of contents – report

Check this MMLab SAMPLE: report

Title page
Report title, your name, submission date.
Executive summary
Overview of subject matter, methods of analysis, findings, recommendations.
Terms of reference outline of report’s structure.
Method of datacollection
Includes information on method of data collection (if applicable).
Statement of issue
Includes statement of issue.
Includes information on method of data collection (if applicable), the findings of the report and discussion of findings in ligh…
Discussion of findings
Includes discussion of findings in light of theory.
States the major inferences that can be drawn from the discussionmakes recommendations.
Referencing list
List of reference material consulted during research for report.
Information that supports your analysis but is not essential to its explanation.


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MMLab Competition – The book of e-Learning

Win a professional MultiMedia Lab 7.1 user license!

  • Compete to create Your Own MMLab SAMPLE of the “Book of e-Learning” using MultiMedia Lab tools!
  • the “Book of e-Learning” entries are public and will continuously be published here.
  • A winning entry will be announced here the first Friday the 27th of July, to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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General Competition Terms and Conditions rules: Common Sense Rules
MultiMedia Lab U.K.

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Great fun for learning

MultiMedia Lab is great for animation, and for games ( for example this software version of snap ).

MMLab SAMPLE: memory

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Thames Valley Berkshire, The Epicentre for ICT

Map picture
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MultiMedia Lab usage areas

Because of it´s  flexibility,  MultiMedia Lab can be used for a number of purposes.

You can create:
• Multimedia and interactive webpages
• “Traditional” multimedia on CD or hard drive
• Publications printed on paper

Example of usage:
• E-learning
• Student Portfolio
• Work detail descriptions
• Presentations of your company on the web
• Interactive books
• Tales and stories
• Interactive e-Learning programs
• Course material
• And much more…

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