Our sponsors and supporting partners include some of the leading companies in their fields:



Have you considered becoming a partner ? notice board has been fairly successful. We do not yet know how many more schools will be / want to be engaged with the process? We will find out, since we are determined to ensure that Reading’s education strategy provides the basis for real improvement in our school environment. We will keep you updated with results and developments until the MultimediaLab Partnership has evaluated the current situation. We still hope that we still have your support, and you are welcome to meet with us if you are interested in becoming a supporting partner.

Let us know what we can do to improve Reading’s primary and secondary school goals and targets to develop the ICT education programme to become a leader in the U.K.

To achieve this, we are looking for premises to set up an info centre, a learning ClimateChange-InformationCentre 201320* providing monthly seminars and meetings somewhere in Reading Town Centre. Our next priority is to raise the required funding for this cause.

Any ideas are welcome, email to us;

To our Businesses community, you can’t do it alone, together we can achieve so much 

– written in stone


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