What is an application in MMLab?

The application defines overall settings and appearance for all the pages in the in the project. An application can consist of one or more pages with various objects, for instance images, sounds, texts and animations. At any time you can run your MultiMedia Lab application to see how it works outside of the editingmode, a preview in other words.
You can do this by clicking on the Preview / Run button in the toolbar or from the menubar. Then the application will be displayed in a browser.

To make global adjustments in the application, mark the application in the treeview and choose Properties.

If you choose this alternative, the webpages will be saved with the fileextension .hta (HTML application), instead of .htm which is most common for webpages. This will make your application as a fullscreen presentation when shown in Internet Explorer. This function are made to be used if it is meant that the webpage shall be shown locally as a standalone web application.

If a hta-file is downloaded over the Internet the file will be handled in the same way as other files that is downloaded from the Internet. The browser asks if the file shall be executed or saved on disc.

PLEASE NOTE! Since hta-files are shown in fullscreen you close it by using the escape button or the commando Alt+F4 on your keyboard.

Infinite height
MultiMedia Lab makes webpages with a fixed width and height. If you want a changeable height on your pages you can choose Infinite height.

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